Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I must say, I spend more time visiting other people's blogs than I spend attending my own. I am new at this and trying to stay focused. I have been working on my jewelry as the weather has been getting warmer and that makes me less anxious to knit or crochet. Here is my latest piece. Like what you see? Visit my store at


Tink412 said...

Hi, I'm happy to say that I am your first follower! I guess I should also say tha yes, I could be your Mom,but it still counts! I saw your comment & link I think that's what it's called..?!) & decided to click on & see what you have.I'm very happy I did! I love your things! Have you tried "Esty" it's a greatall homemade website to sell your beautiful things! You are a very talented lady! OK, I don't know how much I can actually say here,so I'll be afraid, be very afraid, I love to "type talk" I always wanted a blog of my own for my Grandchildren to have all the recipes I make & have made since my Sons were little. I'll do it soon as I learn how! LOL

Tink412 said...

OMG! I forgot to tell you where i saw you....on The Pioneer Woman..isn't she wonderful? She was my "first" I also follow Bakerella......AND YOU!

Daisy said...

Hi Tink. Great I didn't know if anybody would ever see my site and my mom can't figure out her computer so that is why she has not been on yet. LOL. I love both PW and Bakerella what a beautiful thing to see them come together. It is sad how addicted I am to their sites. About having your own blog... GO FOR IT. That would be such a neat thing for your grandkids and a sort of journal for yourself. Took me like 15 minutes one day at work to set up my blog. I am very slow at blogging right now on my own blog as I work 2 full time jobs to try to make ends meet and do my crafts on the weekend and yest I have an etsy shop at Check it out sometime although as I said, with 2 full time M-F jobs, I don't have much on their yet but...."Some day" as well all like to dream. Thanks so much for being a follower. I hope not to disappoint from my lack of comittment to my blog right now. LOL. Have a great weekend!