Thursday, March 4, 2010

Resolutions.....sort of

Well I know it is not January anymore and I typically hate anything to do with "resolutions," but I find myself now in my early 30's and missing my body from my 20's. On top of that, I have stared back to school again and I realize that going to night school has its ups and downs and hopefully the up does not include my weight. So here is my mission. I am being realistic that I am not going to lose it overnight and with my busy schedule (two jobs, family, and school) there will not be a lot of time for exercising but I am going to prove to myself and anybody else who might actually read this blog that it can be done on even an impossible schedule like mine. I am scheduled to start my internship in just a little over 6 months so I will make my goal time September 15, 2010. By then, I hope to have lost 20 pounds.

Again, I realize nobody may ever read this blog (which actually would save me some embarrassment) but for sake of holding me accountable to something or somebody, I will be blogging weekly about my successes and failures (who are we kidding, i love chocolate so there will be a few failures along the way). So here we go. A six month count down to a 20-year-old body in my 30's and a more healthy and beautiful me to step out into the workforce again.

This is my mission stable so to speak, so on my next post I will give you more background of what I have been doing for the last 10 years leading up to this shape and hopefully (sorry I am going to need a lot of pep talk for this one), hopefully a before picture if I can muster the confidence to do it.

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