Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 4

Here we are at week 4 I believe. What have I done differently? I have switched my eating habits around and eating dinner on my first break at school. Yesterday, I exercised for the first time in a long time YEAH!!!! I made my daughter join me because it is spring break and she has become a couch potato. We did 50 minutes of dance moves DVD that I own. It felt good to be exercising again. It has been sooooo long. I always had the idea that if I exercised it had to be during the week and if it wasn't everyday it had to be at least 3 times a week maybe even every other day. Well it finally hit me yesterday that why not make 2 of my days during the weekend on Saturday and Sunday then I only have to try to fit one more day of some kind of exercising during the week. I work weekends also but I am usually less stressed about the clock on the weekends so I know I can fit something in. So no, I have not stepped on the scales because I have been a little disappointed so far but I will push on with this regimen of shaking up my diet and shaking my body and hopefully I will have some good news to report next week.

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